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Southern Livestock Adaptation 2030

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To get a better understanding of what impacts future climates (specifically a range of weather scenarios in 2030) might have on pasture and livestock production, and farm profitability, simply click on a location of interest on the map. The Southern Livestock Adaptation 2030 research project modelled these issues for the baseline period of 1970 to 1999, the particularly dry period of 2000 to 2009; and what might be in 2030.


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Key findings

The SLA2030 project identified a range of important findings about how our weather may change at a local level in the future and what the impacts may be for livestock producers in those areas. To view the key findings click below.


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Description of program

The SLA2030 project brought together researchers, extension experts and producers to look at a range of future climate scenarios and the potential impact on farm productivity and profitability at a local level. A more detailed overview of the program can be found by clicking below

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Background / Disclaimer

No one can accurately predict the future and this project certainly doesn’t try to do that. But the results of the modelling show some interesting trends. More detail about the background and disclaimer can be found by clicking below

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