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Enterprises – Southern Livestock Adaptation 2030


The project focused on livestock enterprises in southern Australia, covering:

For each of the enterprises, the following process was followed:

  • Using producers own data or regionally specific examples, run models for the livestock enterprise for 1970 to 2000 to establish base data – physical production, profit, environmental.
  • Set a limit on ground cover ( in 70% of years a minimum ground cover above 70% is required). This establishes the stocking rate.
  • Run the models also for 2000 to 2009 – for a recent reference ponit.
  • Run exactly the same system except change the daily weather data to scenarios for 2030 (the 4 GCM’s) and increase CO2 to 444. Input costs (fertiliser, fodder etc) and output prices (beef, lamb, wool) remain the same to enable comparisons
  • Use same ground cover rule to establish the new stocking rates for each GCM.
  • Look at impact on production / profit and then test adaptations