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Combinations of adaptations are best – Southern Livestock Adaptation 2030

Combinations of adaptations are best

It is unlikely that one adaptation alone will remove all the negative impacts of climate change – combinations of adaptations are found to work best

By way of example and building on the figures shown in ‘Adaptations (management changes) can help reduce impacts’, combing genetic improvement and strategic summer feed-lotting of sheep, profitability can approximate what was previously the case

Yass table - b

As a broad generalization, the following can be said about adaptations for southern livestock enterprises in the face of potential climate change

  • Combinations of adaptations work best
  • Better animals (genetic improvement) will lessen the impacts
  • Lot-feeding (confinement) – significant advantages in some regions.
  • Greater winter pasture growth – calving and lambing times marginally earlier may help in the longer term 
  • Increased “scale” can reduce the impact  at an enterprise level              

To view the impacts of adaptations in your area, view map of all locations.