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King Island – Southern Livestock Adaptation 2030

King Island

Using producers’ own production and financial data from King Island, modelling was initially undertaken to assess pasture and livestock production, and enterprise profitability for the prior period 1970-1999 to ensure the models were performing correctly. Modelling was then performed looking ahead to 2030, using 4 different climate scenarios.

A beef cattle enterprise (trade steers) was examined.

Weather predictions, pasture and livestock production

 Projected weather for the four 2030 scenarios and the impact on pasture production, livestock production and profitability are shown below


Key findings

  • Compared to 1970-1999, average results across the 4 climate scenarios in 2030
    • The average temperatures are consistently higher (average 4% higher)
    • In 3 of the 4 climate scenarios, rainfall was forecast to increase and averaged 2% higher.
    • Winter pasture production is the major limitation to the current production system. The predicted increased temperatures and rainfall during the growing season results in an increased annual pasture production (average 6% higher), similar stocking rates and an increase in profit per hectare (average +12%).
    • While impacts predicted in 2030 were positive, some adaptations were modelled to achieve higher profitability.