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Fact Sheets & Presentations – Southern Livestock Adaptation 2030

Fact Sheets & Presentations

View Resource2030 weather impacts on the wool industry ABARES 2012 Philip Graham NSW DPI

View ResourceCCRSPI 2011 Adaptation strategies to shorter growing seasons for lamb enterprises in southern Australia_Harrison

View ResourceCCRSPI 2011 Can we achieve net reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and meet global food demand_Eckard

View ResourceCCRSPI 2011 Historical analysis of the changes in pasture production and growing season in three dairy regions of South East Australia _Rawnsley

View ResourceCCRSPI 2011 Management of grazing systems to 2030_Rebbeck Sth Aust

View ResourceCCRSPI 2011 Resilience surfaces for pasture production under climate change scenarios Cullen

View ResourceCCRSPI 2011 Whole farm systems analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions of Australian dairy farms Christie

View ResourceCCRSPI 2011 Will managing for climate variability also manage for climate change_Moore

View ResourceClimate change impacts (2030) at Cootamundra

View ResourceClimate change impacts (2030) at Holbrook